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4G Video Transmitter DVR Manufacturers-4G Video Transmitter DVR Manufacturer Taipei Taiwan

4G Video Transmitter DVR

4G Video Transmitter DVR

The Micro 4G Video Server is an advance, portable and ultra-light weight (235g) video transmitter, provides reliable and high-quality video streaming from any HDMI camera. This live video broadcasting device with powerful video recorder, 4G LTE modem and GPS build-in; the 4G video transmitter delivers 1080P Full HD video with extreme bandwidth efficiency over 4G LTE network/WiFi for remote monitoring from anywhere in the world. This light weight 4G video streaming recording device is a compact hardware and easy to integration with 3rd party video management software. The 4G live video transmitter is very small in form (92 x 92.2 x30.7mm, without antenna) and use 5V/12V power (battery not induced). With 10,000mAh battery allows 5 hours of video streaming. Using Mobile Bandwidth Aggregator technology to improve video data streaming and reduce latency therefore the portable 4G video sender offers secure, real-time, and low-latency video broadcasting over cellular connections.
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