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Anti Exams Cheating Device Manufacturer,Anti Exams Cheating Device Exporters Taiwan

Anti Exams Cheating Device

Anti Exams Cheating Device

Product Code : RFD-16
Against Cheating on Exams, Anti- Spy Bug Detector (for 4G 3G GSM Wi-Fi Bluetooth) Description The Anti-cheating device can detect and locate GSM ,3G bug (hidden microphone) and 3G spy camera which are applied GSM, 3G technology to be remote controlled by cell phone from anywhere. Besides, 4G 3G Wi-Fi detector, RFD-16 can detect signals of GSM 2G 3G 4G cell phones which work with Wi-Fi Bluetooth spy cover devices for cheating in exams. This device is special designed insensitive with 2-way radio. It won’t be interfered with 2-way radio easily. Simple to use, No need to require complicated installation or any professional knowledge. The high-tech devices give students new ways to cheat, likes: using tiny in-ear device, spy Bluetooth earpiece, spy glasses camera or wireless invisible camera for cheating. CIU offers the Simple Anti Exams Cheating solution
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Contact Person : Peter Wang
Address : 12F., NO. 63, Ln 85, Sec. 1, Xingnan Rd., Zhonghe Dist,Taipei, Taiwan, 235, TAIWAN
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