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Brazilian Refined White ICUMSA 45 Cane Sugar-Brazilian Refined White ICUMSA 45 Cane Sugar Traders,Brazilian Refined White ICUMSA 45 Cane Sugar India-Advantage India

Brazilian Refined White ICUMSA 45 Cane Sugar

Brazilian Refined White ICUMSA 45 Cane Sugar

Product Code : Brazilian Refined White ICUMSA
Dear Ready-Willing-Able-Buyer
Of ICUMSA 45 Brazilian
Refined White Cane Sugar! Greetings to YOU From Advantage Cane-Sugar. Re:
Sell FCO 75, 000 MT (25, 000 X 3) of ICUMSA 45
Brazilian Sugar CIF FO (INCO Terms) For YOUR ready perusal,
Please find attached
Our Full Corporate Offer (FCO)
For 25, 000 MT X 3 Ship-loads
CIF FO One Safe Port
( INCO Terms 2000) The Sale and Purchase contract (S & PC)
that will follow has clauses,
that need to be highlighted,
as they provide an exemplary Comfort Level
to the Buyer of Brazilian Sugar
who is baffled every other moment
- with prices CIF ASWP too good to be true
  with traps hidden within the promises expressed
  within the juglary of words
- insisting on Buyers LOI with Target Price
And BCL before moving an inch.
- that end up in long waits for sugar
  that is never delivered
- so is the PB which never sees the Light of the day The S & PC (Sale And Purchase Contract) that will follow
from us is a result of over 30 Years Exposure
to International Trading of commodities.
S & PC from the Advantage Cane-Sugar
ncorporates several clauses
that are designed to give a tangible comfort level
to the Sugar Buyers-such as:
- Bags to have tare-weight
  of 140-160 grams minimum
- First shipment to take place
  Within 10 to 22 days
  of receiving acceptable payment Instrument
- 2nd shipment to follow immediately in 5 days
Or in 30 to 55 days
  as to be decided mutually by Buyer and Seller
- inspection of Hatches and holds
  prior to commencing of Loading,
- Buyer and his representative
  is given the right to be present for inspection
- Sampling and analysis prior to
  and during Vessel Loading,
- Buyer is allowed to have
  a second inspection agency, 
  of Buyers choice for independent
  2nd inspection,
Sampling, and analysis during Vessel-loading
and Pre-shipment inspection.
Hence Buyer gets full comfort
to ensure that he gets what he pays for,
And he pays for what he gets.
- Seller posts a Performance Bond
  for 2% of the value
  as per the unambiguous Text verbiage
  of the PB included
In the Sale & Purchase Contract to follow.
Which can be amended or revised
to suite Buyers requirements
- to facilitate speedy approval from Buyer's bank;
- also find included the set of documents,
To follow, evidencing the proof of two of
Our previous shipment:
( i)
15, 800 MT of Sugar shipped to the Black-Sea
Port of Potty of Georgia.
In50 KG Standard bags
( ii)
Documents with respect to recent shipment
Of Sugar in 1 MT Jumbo Bags
Should there be any further suggestions
Or further clarifications, please do let us know.
We shall be too pleased to favorably consider
The suggestions to make the contract verbiage
As mutually acceptable as possible.
Thanking YOU in anticipation, we look forward
To a long lasting mutually rewarding
Business association with YOU
And YOUR associates.
For Advantage Cane-Sugar
( Sugar Division of Advantage India)
Prakash Shilkar-CEO
On receiving YOUR Ready Willing Able message
Confirming YOUR interest we shall rush: :
- Sale Purchase Contract for 25, 000 X 3 Ship-loads
CIFFO One Safe Port with discharge of 2, 500 MT
Per Weather Working Day
- Documents evidencing our Previous shipments
15, 800 MT Ship-load to Potty Port of Georgia
In Black Sea in 50 KG Bags
Comercial Invoice copy with respect to recent
Shipment of Sugar in 1 MT Jumbo Bags
Pictures of 1 MT Jumbo bags
Contact For Brazilian Refined White ICUMSA 45 Cane Sugar
Company Name : Advantage India
Contact Person : Prakash Shilkar
Address : 602 C Poonam Pragati,Mumbai, Maharastra, 400093, INDIA
Phone / Mobile : 919987198927,91 22 2821 9006 28 919987198927
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