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Brief Rules of Game

Brief Rules of Game

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Execution of the Service The ball shall be hit with one hand after being tossed or released from the 2nd hand. At the moment of the service hit, the server must not touch the court (the end line included) or the ground. After the hit, he/she may step or land outside the service zone, or in side the court. The server must hit the ball within 5 seconds after the referee whistlesfor service. A service executed before the referee's whistle is cancelled and repeated. Round hand/semi-round hand /tennis type service is not allowed. Service Return Service ball must be returned by the opponent side with proper stroke avoiding dropping or plaching the ball i.e. With no intention of dropping/ Placing. (No loose hand). 1. Shoot Hit All actions, which shoot theball direct with fistic power onwards the opponents, with the exception of service and block, are considered as shoot hits. An shoot hit is completed the moment the ball completely crosses the vertical plane of the net or is touched by an opponent. During shoot hit return shoot is permissible, if the ball cleanly hit.
2. General Fouls Smash is not allowed. The use of open finger and open hands are not allowed. The ball tried upon with under hand position either by single hand or both folded hands, avoiding other fouls must cross the net without touching/struck the net. The ball tried upon with the Haed must cross the net under all circumstances, in 1st attempt.IIIrd head rally not allowed continuosly. Contact of any partof the with the net or poles during the play of the game will be foul. Jumping shooted ball must cross the net in first atempt to any circumstances. IIIrd underhand ball not allowed continuosly. Playing with uper single hand is not allowed other than netman. Dropping/ placement with both folded hand or single hand (Upper or under hand position) will not be allowed and consideredas dropping foul. Ball can be played by the players with both the folded hands with a reasonable shooting from of stroke. Trying to hit the over-ball without having nice foot work and adjustment of body shall be considered foul as over head ball. The neted ball can be played by the netman provided it is properly struk by the back row player with reasonable force. The net man cannot cross the Netman line while attempting the ball with single Upper Hand Position. They can only cross the netman line while striking the ball with both the folded upper / under hands position or single under hand with reasonable force as well as nice footwork avoiding over head foul (overreach). Net man can also take the ball from head;beyond netman line.    
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Company Name : Shootingball Federation of India
Contact Person : (Prof.) M.L. Gupta
Address : E-134, Kamla Nagar,New Delhi, 110007, INDIA
Phone / Mobile : 9810083501,91-11-23847578 9810083501
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