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CKD 2W200-20 solenoid valve-CKD 2W200-20 solenoid valve Manufacturers,CKD 2W200-20 solenoid valve China-A&S Solenoid Valve CO.,LTD.

CKD 2W200-20 solenoid valve

CKD 2W200-20 solenoid valve

Product Code : 2W200-20
2W200-20,Normally Closed,3/4″, Zinc Alloy, Brass
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Company Name : A&S Solenoid Valve CO.,LTD.
Contact Person : Carl hsia
Address : 2nd Floor,Xinhelinghang Tower,Middle Section Airport Highway(West),Gaoxin District,Chengdu, Sichuan, 610045, CHINA
Phone / Mobile : +86-28-65825614 -
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