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Constitution of Federation

Constitution of Federation

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1.Jurisdiction: The Juris diction of the association shall extend to the union territory of India.
2. Aims ans Objects To promote / standardize and popularize the game of shooting volley bal in union territory of India. To maintain and to raise the standard of the game of shooting volley ball in union territory of India. To Train and examine referees /umpires. To promote the game of sooting volley ball and holding state/ National Championships/ Asian Championship/ International Championship. To maintain and to raise the standard of game and attain for it an international standard. To control and manage the Amateurism in the art of shooting volley ball in the union territoryof India. To get affiliation from the Asian Shooting Ball Federation. To get affiliation from the all India Council of sports the ministry of education and social welfare. Govt.of India. To get affiliation from the Indian Olympic association. Any such act or acts that may be helpful in promoting and popularizing the art/game of shooting volly ball in union territory of India. To make selection of teams to represent India in Asian as well as Inter Nation sports  meets in shooting volley Ball. To hold test matches in India with selected teams of foreign countries federation teams.

Rules and Regulations of shooting ball federation of India.

1. Definition In the rules and regulations unless contest otherwise requires. Federation means shooting ball federation of India and no other federation/association entitled to use the name By elaws and or rules mean by laws and or rules framed by federation under the constitution for the cunduct of the affairs of the federation. 2. Membership
The membership of the federation shall be open to : Any state association /regional association/ all India sports control bord interested shall pay an annual subscription of Rs 100/- payable in advance within the meating of section 15 of the societies registration act XXI of 1860 and shall be within the Indian union.

3. Life members Ordinary members who subscribe to aims and object and who pay an annual subscription of Rs100/-are such sums as may be fixed from time to time, by the executive committee of the Fed.for the purpose of section 15 of the societies registration act 1860 Each member state association shall pay to the shooting ball federation of India of an annual subscription of Rs 100/- or the sum as decided by the exec.Committee of the advance. Life members who subscribeto aims and objectsand who pay not less than Rs1000 and all admitted as such by the fed. All pioneers will also be life members of the Fed.If otherwise not disqualified.A list of pioneersis separately publised.All pioneers will be permanent members of the Exec.Body. Of SBFI. 4. Patrons There shall be patrons who subscribe to the aims and objects and who pay not less Rs500/- and are admitted as such by the exec. Committee of the Fed. 5. Official Year The official year of the Fed. Shall from 1st April to 31st March. 6. Exec.Committee The federation shall be governed by the exec.committee which shall consist of the elected members of Gen. Council of SBFI. 7. Powers and Duties of Gen Council of SBFI To formulate the policy of the Fed. To admit the membership of Assnand patrons To elect the office bearers of the association every fourth year . To appoint auditors. To adopt annual report. To adopt the auditetd statement of accounts. To do all such things as ay be conductive to the attainment of any or all the objective is said under aims and objects. 8. Quorum The Quorum of the meeting of the Feb. Gen. Council Shall be ten members. 9. Exec. Committee Exec. Committee shall have the exclusive control over the shall consist of the following. President One Vice President Not more than five Hony.Gen.Secy. One Jt. Secy. Not more than three
10. Powers and duties of the exec. Committee. To enforee the policies, decisions and directions of the Feb. To Collect disbures, invest and centralize all funds and profits of the Fed. To form sub committees when necessary and to vest them with authority/to cary out their duties. To apppoint manager, Captain, coach or any other official for any tour representi the Fed. To appoint the selection committee. 11. Duties of the office Beares: President: The president shall preside over the exec. Committee meetingsand shall supervise the activities of the exec. Committee. Vice President:In the absence of the President, the Vice Presidents will act as the president and perform the duties of the president. Hony .Gen.Secy.: The Hony .Gen. Secy. Shall be elected by the Gen Council.He shall be the secretary of the council and the exec. Committee and of all other committees of the association. He shall carry on correspondence on behalf of the association and give effect to the resolutions of the Gen. Council and the exec. Committee. He shall issue notice of the meetings and record minutes of the same and shall be responsible for the their mainteance. Hony.Jt.Secy. : They will assist the Hony. Gen. Supervisin over the funds of the association. Hony. Treasurer : He shall exercise gen. Supervision over the funds of the association and advise the exec. Regards itfinancial policy. He shall receive all subscriptions and donations and keep a regular account of the receipts and shall issue the receipts for the same on official receipt form. He shall also submit to the gen. Council at the annual meeting a statement of income and expenditure and the balance sheet, as audited by the auditors. The Bank accounts of the association shall be operated under the joint signatures of the Hony. Gen.Secy. And either of the president or Treasurer. Chairman : He shall super wise the activities (Technical of the association and advise the office bearers from time to time the corrective steps and adopt the rules of association of India as well as International organizations. 12. Meeting of The General Coucil The annual meeting of the General Council of the association will be fixed either by the executive committee or the honorary General secretary in consultation with the president. Twenty one days notice will be given to conduct the meeting for the following purpose : To confirm the minutes of previous meeting. To consider and confirm the report of the Hony.Gen.Secy. Regular activities of the Federation. Consideration and approval of the accounts and auditors report to be submitted by the Hony.Treasurer. Appointment of auditors. To elect office bearer of the Association every fourth year. Amendment to the constitution, if any. Any matter affecting the walfare of the association which the president may bring or allowed to be brought before the house, for such business no notice shall be necessary. 13. Extra Ordinary meeting of the General Council. Extra Ordinary meeting of the General Council may be convened by the president or by the Hony. Genl. Secretary in consultation with the president as and when necessary. Fifteen days clear notice of such meeting shall be given by the Hony. Secretary general to each member. The quorum of the meeting of the general Council shall be ten members. The requisitioners may convene a meeting themselves with two-third majority provided the Hony. Gen. Secretary fails to do so within a reasonable time and in such meeting no other item will be discussed other than which has been given in the letter of the requisition. 14. Meeting of the Executive Committee: Meeting of the executive committee may be convened whenever necessary by the Hony. Gen. Secretary in consultation with the president. The quorum of the executive Committee shall be five members. Fifteen days clear notice shall be given for the holding of executive committee meeting. To co-opt members from amongst themselves in case of their casual vacancy. 15. Registration of Players : All players shall be registered with the Federation through members associations and must obtain from the Association on payment of annual fee of Rs 2/- or as fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time. 16. Responsibility of the Affiliated units: All members shall be held responsible for the conduct of their representatives at the championship at various places. Any penalty imposed by the Executive Committee of the federation shall be honoured by the member of the State Association. Any penalty imposed by the Executive Committee of the federation shall be honoured by the member of the State Association. Disciplinary action who ever taken by a member within its jurisdiction shall be reported to the Hony. General Secretary within thirty days of action having being taken. An appeal against such action of members shall be placed before the executive committee. The decision of the executive committee shal be final and binding. 17. Misc. Any matter not covered by the rules shall be decided by the federation General Council. 18. Amendment (Alteration and Amendment): Whenever it shall appear necessary for the Executive Committee of the federation to alter, extend, or abridge such purpose to or for other purposes within the meaning of this act, or to amalgate such association, either wholly or partially within any other association, such executive committee may submit the proposition to the members of the association in a written or printed report and may convene a special meeting for the consideration there of according to the regulations of the association, but no such proposition shall be carried into effect unless such report shall have been delivered or sent by post to every member of the association ten days previous to the special meeting convened by the executive meeting committee for the consideration there of nor unless such propostiion shall have been agreed to by the notes of two thirdof the members delivered in person or by proxy and confirmed by the votes of two third of the members present at a second special meeting convened by the executive committee at an interval of one mothe after the former meeting. No amendment shall be made to this constitution exept at an annual meeting of the general council of federation. All proposed amendments must be presented to the Hony. General Secy. In writing at least thirty days befor the meeting and circulated by him to each member atleast 21 days befor the meeting. They must be passed by a two third vote of the members present. 19. Suit by and against the Federation: The federation shall sue and be sued in the name of the President and Hony. General Secretary. 20. Provisions for dissolution of society and Adjustment of Affairs: Any member not less than two third of the members of the association may determine that it shall be dissolved, and upon it shall be dissolved fourthwith, or at the time then agreed upon, and al l necessary steps shall be taken for the disposal and settlement of the property of the society, its claims and liabilities according to the rules of the said applicable thereto, if any and if not as then as the Executive committee shall find expedient provided that in the event of any dispute arising among the said Executive Committee of the members of the association, the adjustment of its affairs shall be refereed to the principles court of original civil jurisdiction of the district in which the chief building of the association is situated, and court shall make such order in the matter as it shall deem requisite.
Provided that the association shall not be dissolved unless two third of the members shall have a pressed which for such dissolution by their votes delivered in person, at a general meeting convened for the purpose. 21. Upon Dissolution no member to receive profit: If upon the dissolution of the federation registered under this act their shall remain after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any properties whatsoever, the votes of not less then two third of the members present personally at the time of dissolution, or, if default by such court as aforesaid. 22. Member Defined: For the purpose of the societies registration act, a member of the society shall be a person who having been admited therein according to the rules and regulations thereof, shall have paid a sybscription, or shall have signed the role or list of members thereof, of and shall not have resigned in accordance with the rules and regulations. 23. Annual list under Section-4 Once in every year, on or before the 14th day succeeding the day on which according to rules of the association the annual general meeting of the association is held or in the month of january , a list shall be filed with the registrar of societies, Delhi of the members of the Executive Occupations and designations of the members of the Executive Committee then entrusted with the management of the affairs of the association. 24. Dis-Qualified Members: No person shall be entitled to vote as a member whose subscription at the time shall have been in arrears for a period exceeding three months. All these provisions of the Registration of the Societies Act will apply to this Federation. Certified than this, is the correct copy of the rules and regulation of Shooting Ball Federation of India.
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