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Currency Detector

Currency Detector

Product Code : Currency Detector
 Maxsell is a Leading Office Automation Brand. With Excellent Quality and Reliability, Our Products have Maximum Satisfaction Level. We Keep Our Commitment to give the Best Quality at Affortable Price. Clarity in Business and Assured Spare Parts availability are Our Business Strength.   Detailed Product Description MX2000B             Maxsell Fake note detectors are simple and easy to use. They are cost effective method of identifying fake notes today. The fake note detectors are equipped with Quality UV lamps that provide even luminescence and have higher aging life. 
            We offer detectors with Philips, Sankyo Denki & Toshiba lamps on request. MX2000B is equipped with Magnifier that multiples the resolution of result, thereby making detection faster and easier.

            UV lamps are must tool for every organization handling cash and other legal instruments. It costs a little but really handles critical tasks of identifying fakes.

Maxsell fake note detectors can help you to;
1) Assist your less-experienced and younger staff in identifying forged notes when conducting cash transactions
2) Maximise the deterrent against would-be counterfeit cash users
3) Speed up your transaction times and reduce time spent holding suspected counterfeit notes aloft, without quite knowing what to look for
4) Avoid embarrasing your clients, or yourselves, by prolonging the decision making process
5) Minimise financial losses from the acceptance of forged currency
6) Ensure that fully functional equipment is to hand 24/7 to identify fake money, as and when you need it
    Features of MAXSELL MX2000B
1. Magnifier glass which multiples the resolution of UV & Watermark. To identify any critical   instrument also.
2. Large area to place the currency.
3. Detects most of the legal instruments including currency Passport, Cheque, Credit Card & other instruments
4. Options of Philips (Holland / Poland) Or Sankyo Denki (Japan) UV is available for long life performance.
5. Reflectors for increasing the actual resolution.   We welcome your valuable Enquiries. Bulk enquiries are welcome.     Payment & Shipping Terms:   Minimum Order Quantity: 6 Piece/Pieces For overseas customers MOQ is 100nos. Packaging Details: Standard carton packing Delivery Time: 1 month Payment Terms: T/T,MULTICITY CHEQUE DROP FACILITY FOR CUSTOMERS IN INDIA Supply Abiity: 500 Piece/Pieces per Month
Contact For Currency Detector
Contact Person : Mr. Vinod Kumar Shantilal
Address : 10 Gowdiya Mutt Road,Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600014, INDIA
Phone / Mobile : 04428131169,91-44-28131189 04428131169
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