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Herbal Cattle Feed Supplement

Herbal Cattle Feed Supplement

Product Code : Herbal Cattle Feed Supplement
We Lasky Herbal are manufacturer of Herbal Cattle Feed Supplement.
"MILCO" is a Herbal cattle feed supplement for cows, buffaloes, sheep's, goats (milking animals) . It is in powder form, is non-medicinal natural herbal formulation galactagogue recommended for use as cattle feed supplement at the suggested rate of about 25 gms or 50 gms per day per cattle with normal morning feed. Regular feeding of this herbal supplements gives the following results: -
A. . Improves general health condition of cattles.
A. . Yields organic milk of premium quality.
A. . Increases milk yield up to 25% -30% .
A. . Enhances fat content by 5% -10% .
A. . Increases protein value & sweetness of milk.
A. . Increases shelf life of milk by reducing bacterial load.
A. . Improves FCR i. E. Feed Conversion Ratio by higher output in terms of
Milk & fat.
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Contact For Herbal Cattle Feed Supplement
Company Name : LASKY HERBAL
Contact Person : Mr. Luv Shyam Khanna
Address : 1-D 10 Vijay Vihar Chs Sion-Troambay Road Near Celebration Hotel Chembur,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400071, INDIA
Phone / Mobile : +919819943349,+919819943349 +919819943349
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