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Herbleen Oil 100 ml

Herbleen Oil 100 ml

Product Code : herbleenoil
M/s F. Pharmaceuticals has made this pure, scented, qualitative Herbleen Lal tel (Unani Herbal oil) from rare available herbs from Himalayas and deep green forests which is useful in all kind of body pain, the direction for use is as follows In case of Body Ache, Hurts, Sprains and Swelling can be relieved by a gentle massage with cold Herbleen Lal tel (Unani Herbal oil). In case of Cut, Wounds a dressing with Herbleen Lal tel (Unani Herbal oil) day by day In case of Burn- Apply cold Herbleen Lal tel (Unani Herbal oil) over affected area regularly. In case of Brancho-Pneumonia-to relieve this first Herbleen Lal tel (Unani Herbal oil) with pure raw wax then have massage of lukewarm on the ribs and chest then finally apply a bandage using thick cotton. In case of general and physical weakness of children, who do not walk in time, due to physical weakness should have massage of lukewarm Herbleen Lal tel (Unani Herbal oil) on the whole body twice daily. Soon the baby will feel energy and punctuality in his body. After delivery- Massage Herbleen Lal tel (Unani Herbal oil) to the new born and the mother. Cold, Cough- In winter cough and cold after attack in this case, have massage of lukewarm Herbleen Lal tel (Unani Herbal oil) on the nose, throat, chest and back. In case of Sciatica, gout and knee pains- Apply Herbleen Lal tel (Unani Herbal oil) warm massage on the affected area and relief shortly. Our product is available in different sizes as 30 ML(Small Size), 60ML(Medium Size), 100ML(Big Size), 250ML(Large Size).
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Company Name : Herbleen Lal Tel
Contact Person : Mohd Zahid
Address : T-379, Ahata Kidara, Near Filmistan Cinema,Delhi, 110006, INDIA
Phone / Mobile : 9312246581, 9312246581
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