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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Product Code : Intellectual Property
We are also into research of Ayurvedic and Herbal Products & Formulations, Veterinary and Agro products for last 25 years. The company deals in development and sale of Intellectual Property, Technical Know How and Technology Transfer of these products.


The company has sold the Technical Know How for following key herbal formulations recently

Anti HIV product to Raptakos Brett & Co Ltd
OTC/ Cosmetics products to Lamar International, fully owned subsidiary of  CIPLA Ltd


Herbal Remedies India has developed following Herbal Products and Technical Know How after intensive R&D work over last 25 years including:


Ethical Herbal Medicine
Anti-Diabetic Remedy
Cardiac Tonic
Anti- Asthma Remedy
Ant-TB Remedy
Anti Cancer Remedy
Ant-Rheumatism Remedy
Lever Tonic
Weight Reduction Remedy
Anti-HIV Remedy



OTC/ Herbal Cosmetics products
Hair Oil for falling hair and baldness
Anti-aging Cream for Anti-Wrinkle & Muscle Toning
Anti-aging Capsules for general health tonic
Antiseptic Cream
Contraceptive Tablets for external use
Fairness and Anti-Pimple Cream
Balm for Cold & Headache
Fat Reduction Cream
Vaginal Tightening Cream
Sex Cream for Erection and Delay
Mosquito Repellent
Sleeping Capsules
Nutrition Powder and health Tonic for Growing Children like Complan
Cream for Hand and Feet Cracks (Crack Cream)
Pain Killer in Cream or Gel
Bust Beauty Cream (Breast Firming Cream)
Body Shaping Cream
Face Treatment Cream



Veterinary Products
Cattle Feed Supplement for increasing milk production
Poultry Feed Supplement for increase weight in Broiler Chickens
Antiseptic Cream for Animals
Herbal Repellent for Flies for Poultry Farm



Agro Products
Herbal Pesticide
Medicine for Tree Diseases & Growth
Natural Fertilizer
Kindly get in touch with us for more details.
Contact For Intellectual Property
Company Name : LASKY HERBAL
Contact Person : Mr. Luv Shyam Khanna
Address : 1-D 10 Vijay Vihar Chs Sion-Troambay Road Near Celebration Hotel Chembur,Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400071, INDIA
Phone / Mobile : +919819943349,+919819943349 +919819943349
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