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Least expensive Raw White Rice & Parboiled Rice-Least expensive Raw White Rice & Parboiled Rice Traders,Least expensive Raw White Rice & Parboiled Rice India-Advantage India

Least expensive Raw White Rice and Parboiled Rice

Least expensive Raw White Rice and Parboiled Rice

Product Code : Least expensive Raw White Rice
Dear Person In-Charge of Sourcing and buying most Inexpensive Rice Greetings from the Rice Division of  ARL Global (Unit of A to Z Retail Ltd.) ! 01. We are pleased learn of YOUR interest in importing Non-basmati long Grain ot Medium Grain or Short Grain Rice with 5 % to 25 % or higher of broken grains - be it in Container Loads or Ship-lods. - be it Raw White Rice or Yellowish Parboiled Rice 02. On receiving YOUR inquiry clarifying - whether the Rice is Raw White Rice or Yellowish Parbioiled Rice ? - The Maximum Broken Grains % - Packing : the Standard 50 Kg Woven Plastic Bag or other Smaller sized Bags   or Jumbo bags of 1,000 Kgs or more; - Quantity : the Total Contract Quantity and Quantity per Month; - Shipment size ship-load of 12,500 / 25,000 MT or other quantity per shipload   Number of such shiploads per month - If smaller quantities - then Number of 20' Container-loads per shipment / per month - Specs of the rice particularly whether Long -Grain is to be quoted   or it does not matter if it is Medium-Grain or Short-Grain - Instrument of Payment   FFDLC;   FFRLC;   SBLC for last 3 months of the contract period and FFRDLC revolving for Monthly Quantity   SBLC for last 3 months of the contract period and Payment by TT for each Ship-load   Bank Guarantee   OR any other payment terms - whether Price to be quoted is to be C&F or CIF - clarifying destination Port(s) , Unloading Rate - clarifying of any over pricing, commissions to be included in our offers for our consideration. YOU may also find time to visit to have more information on the subject. 03. Please also let us have YOUR email address, Phone, Fax and Mobile #s so that our communication will be without any limitations of message size and attachments. 04. On hearing from YOU we shall be pleased to support YOU with detailed offers as required by the Buying Authority / Government Agencies or Private bodies With Warm Regards and Best Wishes, we look forward to establishing a Long-term, Mutually-Rewarding Business Relation withh YOU and YOUR esteemed Company / Princpals. Prakash Shilkar - V P (Corporate Strategies) ARL Global (Rice Division) (Unit of A to Z Retail Ltd.) A/23 Sitaram Building, D N Road, Mumbai - 400 001 Phone : +91 22 4031 4500 (30 Lines) Phone : +91 22 2821 9006; 2821 9007 (Res) Fax ; +91 22 4022 6915 Mob : +91 9987 1989 27 ================= FYI and ready referance - here is the Verbatim text of our this weeks offer Re : CIF FO Conakry Port  (Rep. of  Guinea) Soft Price Offer for  60,000 MT Raw White Rice with Maximum 25 % Broken Grains; Fit for human Consumption; Packed in 50 Kg Woven Plastic bags,in Ship-loads of 12,500 MT;  Completion in 90 days of receiving acceptable LC Ref. : YOUR inquiry  on the subject  This is to thankfully acknowledgeYOUR 19th May messagge,the contents of which have been noted with interest. Attached please find our formal Corporate Soft Offer for YOUR immediate favorable consideration and reciprocation with an ICPO at the earliest.  We are pleased to give our Soft Price Offer for the commodity as detailed below subject to agreement on terms and conditions and subject to our acceptance of the final contract. 01. Commodity: Raw White Rice  (25 % Broken rains) Grain-Length : 4 to 5.5 mm] 02. Origin: Indian Origin (or Any Other Origin of Sellers Choice) 03 Specification:  Raw White Rice  (Grain Length 4 to 5.5 mm) Broken  Grains : 25  % maximum Moisture : 14  % maximum Discolored, Damaged & Chalky Grains :  8 % maximum Red and Red Streaked Grains : 2 % maximum Foreign Matter : 0.5 % maximum Paddy : 90 Pieces/ KG Maximum Crop: 2008  2009 (Current) Milling Degree : Well Milled  Double Polished 04. Packing: 50 kg Woven Plastic Bags (with YOUR Logo) 05. Quantity: Total Quantity of60,000 MT (Sixty Thousand Metric Tons) (+/- 5 %)  06. Shipments:  10,000 to 12,500  (Sellers option) (+/-5 %) per Ship-load -   First Ship-load to commence within 40 days of    receipt of acceptable Documentary LC - Entire Quantity of 60,000 MT  to be completed     in 90 days. 07. Price: US$ _ _ _  (United States Dollars _ _ _ _ _  Hundred And Fifteen) CIF FO Conakry Port (Republic of Guinea) (INCO  TERMS 2000 ) - Per MT of Net Weight; - 2 % Empty Bags to be supplied free of cost. - Buyer to give bank guarantee for Lightening    of the Vessel, and demurrage payable to the    Ship-owner for any delays in Berthing    of the ship and / or Unloading the Ship,       due to any reason including conjestion    at Destination Port of Conakry. - Based on unloading rate of 2,500 MT     PWWD  HSSHINCL EIUU. 08. Payment: Irrevocable, Confirmed, Unrestricted, Fully Funded Documentary Letter of Credit allowing Part shipment , TT Reimbursement ,  issued by an acceptable Prime Bank in Favor of ARL Global (Unit of A to Z Retail Ltd.), 100% at Sight payable at the Counters of the  Negotiating Bank In India   09. Inspection:              Quality,  Weight Certificate by one of the Independent Inspection Agencies including SGS, BSI, S K Mitra, Dr Amin, Geo-Chem, QSS at Vessel-Loading Port to be final and binding on all Parties . The Inspection will be at Sellers cost. The Buyer / buyers representative is  welcome to be present at Loading time. 10. Validity        : Seven (7)  Days fom the date of this offer   11. Sellers Bank Co-ordinates 12. Procedure :  p1.    Seller issues a Soft Offer (this document) to the Buyer  for signing and return by Email (Scanned Document) Along with Buyers ICPO attested by Buyers Bank Evidencing availability of Funds   p2.    Seller Sends an FCO incorporating any Mutually Acceptable Overpricing, If Any, to be done towards commission payable to the Buyer. The Buyer signs this FCO with corporate stamp / Seal as a token of acceptance, and  Emails (Scanned Document) - followed by Hard Copy by Courier - to the seller.   p3 p3 p4 p5 p6
Contact For Least expensive Raw White Rice and Parboiled Rice
Company Name : Advantage India
Contact Person : Prakash Shilkar
Address : 602 C Poonam Pragati,Mumbai, Maharastra, 400093, INDIA
Phone / Mobile : 919987198927,91 22 2821 9006 28 919987198927
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